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Let’s face it, plastic surgery in Ireland the UK is still incredibly expensive, although prices may have gone down in recent times; people are still being charged outrageous prices for many procedures. This is one of the reasons more and more people are turning to plastic surgery abroad to get the look they always wanted. Just like the case with going abroad to visit foreign dentists, more and more people are booking cosmetic surgery holidays in places such as Hungary, Poland or Slovakia... and are coming back satisfied with the results.

Another problem in Ireland is that the private cosmetic surgery industry is unregulated. This means that any doctor can decide to start performing plastic surgery procedures such as B0t0x injections without the necessary training, as stated by an article in the Dubliner ‘There is no obligation for those who practise it to have the same level of training as plastic surgeons.’ Another scary excerpt is from the Irish independent “For example, in Ireland we have instances of some clinics boiling their instruments in pressure cookers. It is absolutely outrageous. These are hollow instruments used to take fat out of people and they are being put in preasure cookers that you would buy in Tesco. It is an absolute joke.”

What we must remember is that plastic surgery performed in Ireland or the UK is not necessarily of a higher standard or the surgeon necessarily better. In Hungary for example it once must actually be a fully qualified surgeon and then take a plastic surgery exam before being allowed to perform plastic/cosmetic surgery procedures.

As plastic surgery becomes more and more accepted in our society one should look at all the options available to them, not just in one’s own country because it may be more convenient. In fact more and more people are turning to Medical tourism agencies such as Meditourists who take care of the travel and surgery arrangements for patients, acting as an intermediary between patient and surgeon. They provide the necessary information to patients and help them through the process. Getting plastic surgery can be a life changing and big decision so you want to make sure you get the best possible treatment, which is why broadening your horizons can lead to better results.

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