Dysport - A Safer ALternative to b0t0x?

Dysport Deemed Safe, Effective Anti-Wrinkle Treatment;

Dysport - new competition for b0t0x?

The word B0t0x has become a part of our everyday lexicon. With over 3 million B0t0x procedures performed in the US alone last year, ever increasing applications of the "wonder drug" and increasing consumer demand and awareness of its inherent safety profile, there is no question that B0t0x has secured its place in every plastic or cosmetic surgeron medication fridge.

The last few months however have produced an increasing number of reports that B0t0x may finally be presented with competion in the battle against wrinkles. As has become the norm, a new product has been clinically tested and utilized in Europe and South America with promising results. The "new" injection is being marketed as Dysport. Dysport and B0t0x are made by different companies, but they have the same basic structure and they work in the same way. There are some slight differences between the two:
  • Dysport may begin to work a bit faster than b0t0x. B0t0x usually takes effect after 5-7 days, while Dysport's effects are noticable as early as 1-2 days after treatment which may be an advantage if you have a big party a couple days later and need a really quick fix.
  • B0t0x and Dysport may last about the same time, although there are some who claim that Dysport lasts a bit longer, but not significantly much longer.
  • Dysport and B0t0x "units" are not the same. One needs about 3 times the number of units of Dysport as you do of b0t0x Cosmetic to achieve the same effect. So 75 units of Dysport is roughly equivalent to 25 units of b0t0x.
  • Dysport however is more cost effective:in the UK 100 units of B0t0x goes for £525.00 and 500 units of Dysport is £300.00.

Dysport and B0t0x perform the same biochemical effect

(neuromuscular blocking toxin)

Dysport has less of a protein load than b0t0x.This means that Dysport will result in the formation of fewer antibodies against it. Antibodies are what our bodies use to detect and destroy foreign proteins aka antigens (the injected medications). Hence the assumption is that with fewer antibodies being formed the clinical effects of Dysport should last longer than those of b0t0x.

In clinical studies, it was noted that Dysport "spreads more" during injection. This is both a good and a bad thing. It is good in that large areas that need injection (forehead, armpits) would require fewer injections due to the spreading. This would mean less likelihood of potential discomfort, swelling or bruising for the patient. It is bad in that unless the Physician is an experienced injector with a good understanding of more complex musculature (around the eyes, between the eyebrows), the Dysport could spread into unwanted areas causing untoward side effects (blurry vision, droopy eyebrows).

The beneficial effects of both B0t0x and Dysport can be prolonged, sometimes for quite some time longer than the ordinary four to six month duration, by suggesting that the patient undergo a series of three or four initial treatments, spaced at four month intervals. It seems that the continual presence of the B0t0x or Dysport in the muscle tissue during that period "teaches" so to speak the muscles of facial expression not to contract as actively as they did before treatment. It is this learned "lesson" that is believed responsible for the more prolonged response seen in many people, even after all the toxin has been metabolized away by the body.

In conclusion, there are no any big significant differences between the two products other than they are produced by different manufacturers.The new anti-wrinkle facial filler Dysport, which could be used as an alternative to b0t0x, it noticeably reduced frown lines between the eyes. Both B0t0x and Dysport are botulinum toxin type A proteins and work in a similar fashion. Both work by blocking nerve impulses to the facial muscles that create wrinkles. For now, the choice of which agent you will be treated with may depend upon the doctor's comfort level and experience with each product and the particular needs of the patient.

As always competition is a good and healthy thing. The emergence of an alternative drug to B0t0x should spur on pricing competition that will benefit both Patients and cosmetic or plastic surgeon alike. Also new research and development is already under way to provide the next "bigger and better" product (anyone heard of Purtox? If not you will soon).

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